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Free-to-play early stages for Magenta Horizon

Magenta Horizon is a fast-paced hack-and-slash 2D platformer game that is heavily inspired by Devil May Cry and Hollow Knight.

  Play as Gretel, a reaper in this purgatory-like afterlife. After being exiled from her sanctuary for 200 years, she is freed from her sarcophagus by a wandering soul named Archibald. Seeking purpose in this afterlife she decides to guide Archibald back to the sanctuary she was long exiled from. The journey won't be easy however as the path is fraught with all manner of grotesque demons starving for souls.

  • Destroy the enemies with an arsenal of ranged skills that can be chained with each other. 
  • Juggle or pull the enemies to simultaneously attack and position yourself.
  • Throw healing bombs to turn them into living health potion containers. Hit them to regain health and keep fighting.
  • Slay the enemies swiftly and efficiently to gain style points. 

Magenta Horizon Act 1 features:

  • Several melee & movement skills that are opened from the start
  • 6 Exploration-based stages, 5 Boss stages (and one of them is hidden)
  • 15 normal enemies and 5 bosses
  • 4 ranged skills and 9 necklace pieces that can change your play style
  • 3 difficulties
  • A good amount of replayability 

Come join in the Magenta Horizon Dev Server and let me know what you thought of it or if you have any suggestions for the game:


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If you liked the music of this game, you can buy the album on Bandcamp:


*****<<Known Issues>>*****

  • Menu navigation is possible with a keyboard or a gamepad, but it is in a primitive state. It may not be intuitive for some people, so if you don't like it, use a mouse to click the buttons.
  • Most of the cutscene images are not finished yet. The detailed artworks will replace them on later builds. 
  • There might be some movement glitches that aren't polished out. (And these glitches aren't really useful at crafting new movement techs or speedrun strats.)


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rebiew    of  Magenta Horizon (act 1)

I should preface this with saying that even though I have finished this game on its intended difficulty you should keep in mind that at the time of writing this, I have not yet played the two of the biggest listed inspirations for it, (Devil May Cry games and Hollow Knight) so take some of what I say with a pinch of salt

Magenta Horizon is like if banging your head against a wall repeatedly was somehow made satisfying, it's a tough game even on its standard difficulty which becomes apparent pretty quickly but I like that the game sets those expectations right off the bat, instead of having crazy difficulty spikes show up out of nowhere (which may be the experience for some but in my opinion it mostly wasn't)

the actual combat system offers a good amount of freedom, with flexible combos, many approaches to different enemy types that each offer unique challenges of their own, for example even the first enemy type you meet can prove to be disruptive in the later stages

MH is confident in its enemy design not only gameplay-wise but visually too, with every little creature looking weirder and more hellish than the last, which surely serves to create a memorable experience when coupled with the general aesthetic of the game (which I believe was inspired by the works of Tim Burton) that succeeds in creating a somewhat bleak, purgatory-like place filled with character, and if the later levels are anything to come by it looks like the atmosphere of the game will only get more interesting from here

the soundtrack to this afterlife is quite good with many solid tracks to its name, and all in all the sound design of it does its job pretty well I'd say

I haven't found a good way to mention the story and the world building but it is definitely intriguing in places, and even though there aren't many answers given to us just yet the main characters are charming enough for the time being and I'm interested to learn more about them

Magenta Horizon is a passion project made by one person and it shows that in the best possible ways, it's frankly impressive how good this game is already all things considered, I can't think of any major issues I have with it at the moment, pretty much all I have is praise so I apologise if this review is a bit boring to read because of that, but I do legitimately really like this game and want to see more of it, and I hope it becomes successful cause it damn sure deserves it

definitely keeping my eye on this

like uhhh 9/10 or something if you want a score

Probably the best action game I've played this year, there's a wondeful chaos to Magenta Horizon's combat. It's remarkable how dense with enemies the screen can get, but fights remain coherent and manageable thanks to the extensive aerial mobility. This isn't a game where you’ll be thoughtlessly mashing out a bunch of interchangeable attack strings, instead careful positioning and enemy prioritization are the keys to success. I'm particularly fond of the encounters that feature a ton of projectiles, as they emphasize the fluid and twitchy movement mechanics that make this combat really shine. A deeply impressive piece of work, I'm excited to see where the project goes next. Also, Blücher is very cute :^)


10/10 game. I've been following this since early alpha and it's really shaping up! Everything is so friendly including the train wow what a friendly demon train.

10/10 huh, so are you gonna stream it or what :arkknoCackle:

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Don't bully her. She said she was planning to do that. :pensive:


this should not be free for the Fun i am recieving!!!!!


Amazing game the combat style and soundtrack are great and so much fun 



There is a demon train, what more could you ask for?

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Anyway review time, cuz itch review system is broken. I might be a bit biased, but this is genuinely one of the most fun games I've played in a while. 

The gameplay is similar to games like Hollow Knight or Dust an Elysian Tail (don't tell Maddi I mentioned Dust), featuring DMC-like style mechanics. Even though, truthfully, some edges of it are still rough, it's still a great experience. Controls are well put together, enemies are responsive and challenging (doubly so for the bosses), the skills and combos add a lot of depth to the learning curve. My only complaint would be the blocky level design, but that's whatever.

Act 1 is not super long. It will probably take about 4-6 hours on your first playthrough, depending on how bad you are how quickly you can learn the mechanics. Current speedrun time is about 40 minutes, if that helps. Then there's also the Reaper difficulty, but we don't talk about that.

Story and worldbuilding so far are very intriguing, and I adore the main cast and their banter. Following acts promise more insight into the Nest and other reapers so that's something I'm hyped for. Too bad they'll probably release about the same time as Silksong or JA's Witcher 3 video.

The music and art are probably the strongest parts of the game, honestly. Each stage has its own soundtrack in two variants, for exploration and for combat, and each one rocks. Same goes for the art. The game exudes its own unique style, especially so in enemy and character design. Just look at Blucher's portraits.

And do keep in mind, all of the above was made by just one person (sans for the cutscene art).

Blucher plushie when :jphPout:

Probably never.

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Not if I can help it